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Summer Yoga session begins Thursday, June 2–
see the calendar for details!

• Intro to Yoga: Yoga for the Total Beginner
3 Mondays evenings: June 6-20,  5:15-6:30pm
A three-week class (may be taken separately or together) to explain the basic yoga poses in an easy-to-learn way. Use this class as a stepping stone to Yoga for all Levels. This class includes poses done on the floor and kneeling and is therefore more difficult that Essential Yoga.

• Gentle Yoga
Saturday, June 18, 9:00-10:15am
Strengthen the body while bringing stillness to the mind. Practice standing postures, forward bends, low-impact backbends, and more, all coordinated with your breathing. Slow down, rebalance and reconnect with yourself. Taught by Lisa Smith.

• YogaDance
Saturday, June 25, 9:00-10:15am
Great fun—with a little attitude and a lot of sweat. Warm up; then move and dance with dynamic approach to health and fluid movement. Taught by Julie Aha

• Restorative Yoga with Live Music!
Sunday, June 26, 11:00am-12:30pm
Explore this practice of relaxing & stretching on the floor by holding simple yoga poses cushioned with lots of blankets and props. Julia Hancock will lull you with her rich improvisational compositions for guitar and voice. Don’t miss it!
Cost: $25

• Pre & Postnatal Yoga
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:45pm
For pregnant moms in all trimesters, and
moms with newborn up to 4 months old

• Yoga-for-all-Levels Classes—
Summer classes begin Thursday, June 2
(see the calendar for class times)

Essential Yoga
Tuesdays 3:00-4:15pm
Learn the basics yoga movements standing and a chair (without floor work, i.e., on your tummy, back, or knees). Discover your strength and begin to limber tight muscles. Also good for those with injuries.  (two times per month for the summer session)

(see the calendar for yoga class times, pricing, and other information)

About bodyWise & Gettyoga

Julie Aha, MA, LMT, RCST®, RYT, has been a massage therapist since 2000, and currently practices biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Polarity Therapy, and prenatal massage. She thrives on helping people connect with their most vibrant self, through practices of self awareness and self acceptance. As a pre-and-perinatal educator, she works with babies and adults to resolve early imprints that interfere with living well.  She also teaches Hatha yoga, emphasizing alignment, breathing, and meditation skills, and is a SynergyDance instructor, facilitator of Family Constellation work, and a student of aromatherapy.

Beckie Carbaugh, LMT, offers deep tissue and trigger point massage, along with Swedish, craniosacral therapy, and other modalities. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, exercise, movement, and relaxation.

Lisa Smith, RYT, shares her love of yoga with people on Saturday mornings with her Slow Flow yoga class. This is a Vinyasa-style class—dynamic and challenging, yet at the same time gentle, with attention to alignment and incorporating deep relaxation. Suitable for all levels

Deb Sheets, RYT, RN, is thrilled to bring Kundalini yoga to Gettyoga, an energetic style of yoga taught by the late Yogi Bhajan. It can increase the radiance with which you live your life. Suitable for all levels.

Julia Hancock has been a musician and yoga enthusiast for years. She plays acoustic guitar, bass, flute, sings, and writes songs for a variety of settings. Julia is excited to be combining her love for yoga with her passions for music, and is working together with yoga instructors to weaves her uplifting original music into restorative and vinyasa classes. Let her combination of new age, world music, and devotional mantras enhance and expand your experience of yoga.

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