Gettyoga and bodyWise offer a wide array of health-based practices and therapies to foster the health and well-being that you crave!

Yoga—a blend of traditional hatha-yoga poses with breathing exercises and meditative techniques to foster toning and relaxation.

Massage Therapy—traditional Swedish massage combined with stretching, deep  tissue, and gentle balancing techniques to promote relaxation.

Polarity Therapy—an amalgam of easter and western approaches to health,  working through the nervous system and subtle energy pathways of the body.

Prenatal massage—a wonderful way for mothers-to-be to prepare for birth, decompressing the low back and overstressed liegments.

SynergyDance—a blend of polarity therapy and yoga with dance, created by Charmaine Lee. Relaxing floorwork, following by vigorous dance movements; all focused around the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Accompanied by lively world music.