Massage and Craniosacral Therapy

Massage therapy has a proven track record for imparting many healthful benefits, such as relief from muscles tension and pain. It can also be helpful for specific conditions such as chronic pain, hypertension, arthritis, and stress. It is good for all ages; all fitness levels; for calming high anxiety; and for experiencing an overall feeling of wellness and the joy of being alive!

Craniosacral therapy tunes into a rhythmic pulsation radiating from the fluid that baths and protects central nervous system. It is a non-invasive approach that can profoundly ease the stress that naturally accumulates in our bodies and minds, and is helpful for a wide range of conditions, from migraines to insomnia, backaches to anxiety. It is also wonderful for women who are pregnant.

The utmost care is given to each clients’ individual needs, with the aim of supporting the natural ability of our bodies to restore and maintain health and wellness.

Gettyoga Yoga and Dance

Yoga is an ancient approach to self care that has been well-honed over the millennia. With yoga, it becomes possible to more consistently maintain inner harmony and balance by practicing the physical postures, breathing skills, and meditative techniques.

Treat yourself to a class today and experience how great you can feel!

In fact, the first class is FREE for new students—call 717-337-9977 for information.

At Gettyoga, we teach traditional Hatha-yoga, slow Vinyasa yoga (Slow Flow), and Kundalini yoga. We feature well-trained teachers who love yoga and really care about their students. We recommend trying different classes to see which approach click best for you.
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A blend of polarity therapy and yoga with dance, created by Charmaine Lee. Relaxing floorwork, followed by vigorous dance movements, all focused around the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Accompanied by lively world music.
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