Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Pre & Postnatal Yoga—

for mothers-to-be: Learn yoga poses adapted to all trimesters.

Yoga has been scientifically shown to decrease stress levels, help relieve back pain, and to help keep mothers more comfortable, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Also it can help to reduce the risk of pre-term labor and intrauterine growth restriction, which slows baby’s development.

These classes can help to mothers to:

• prepare mentally for the demands of birthing
• gain stamina and strengthen the body for birth
• learn breathing techniques that are invaluable during labor
• foster increased emotional steadiness
• deepen the connection with one’s baby
• practice deep relaxation

Both of you benefit—this is truly a gift to yourself and your baby!

for Moms & Babies—Postpartum

Designed for new mothers or fathers and their newborn from 4-6 weeks to one year old, this class is enriching on many levels:

• helps to tone Mom’s body after labor through yoga moves
• looks at baby’s current developmental movement
• gives a chance to adults to experience baby’s current development challenge
• integrates Moms and baby’s movement needs together
• is fun and relaxing!