Therapeutic work with Moms & Babies

The time before birth and soon after is the primary window for establishing a strong life-long bond with your baby. Learn how to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues, how he/she self-regulates, and how to transform stress into an opportunity for deeper bonding.

Massage therapy offers relief  for tired legs, and tight shoulders and pelvis to help ease the process of delivery. Increased circulation of the blood and lymph and balancing of the hormonal system affords greater nutrition to the baby via the placenta. Enhances bonding by calming Mom’s nervous system, which relaxes baby, too, creating a positive experience for both.

Biodynamic craniosacral is a very effective way of working with a number of challenging situations related with birth. This gentle  yet powerful work is done in a family context, including parent(s) and babies or infants. It can include hands-on therapeutic work, interactive work to help the baby’s autonomic nervous system to calm down, and a practical understanding of attachment theory.

Specifically, prematurity, adoption, difficult birth, loss or illness, anxiety, and breastfeeding challenges can be addressed with this approach, with amazing results.

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