Yoga and Dance


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Hatha—Julie’s approach to teaching yoga is thoughtful and playful, and layered learning allows students to build stamina over time. She offers options for different levels of difficulty, to help people learn the poses from the inside out, and know how to “work” each pose. .

In addition to fitness, the teachings of this ancient practice help us lead a more satisfying life—how to slow down, how to move with confidence and skill, how to balance our thought processes and our emotions. Yoga is a timeless art, one that opens us up to the joy of living, by entering deeper into the our experience by focusing, and appreciating all aspects of who we are—both things we like and things we don’t like.

Yoga teaches that if we have the smallest desire to change and grow, we can do it; in fact, it is the purpose of our lives to allow this natural process to unfold. Then we can embrace each moment, even those that involve struggle, as the doorway to growth and appreciation of the many dynamic aspects of our life. Yoga gives clarity, energy, and a fuller heart.

Classes integrate the following dimensions of yoga:

• alignment-based yoga, to protect the joints and cultivate steadiness
• mindful awareness
• breathing techniques, to deepen relaxation levels
• how to move with ease into and out of poses
• yoga philosophy and practical self-awareness techniques



5-Element YogaDance explores the rhythms of Polarity Therapy’s five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether). An exciting combination of yoga, therapeutic movement, and dance, enjoy slow purposeful movement, innate movement patterns,  explosive dance, and deep relaxation.  Not a performance-oriented class, the focus is on conscious, healthy, enjoyable movement to energize every cell of the body. Accompanied by inspirational music from around the world, YogaDance elicits freedom of movement and transforms long-held stress into a profound sense of well-being.

Bellydance, originally beledi, meaning native or folk, and celebrates the community aspect of this uplifting dance style. Learn the basics, including slides, circles, undulations, figure eights, shimmies, and more. Incredibly fun and great exercise!